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I'm Sam Ruggerio

I do research in Computer Science Theory.

I also do software engineering, security, and research in Graphics and HPC.

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About Me

I am a PhD student at UIUC studying Computer Science. I'm currently doing research in Theoretical Computer Science and Graphics. I have software engineering experience at Amazon doing front-end development with React and Typescript. I also have a strong interest in teaching and pedagogy for computer science.

I actively work with:

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Assembly & Reverse Engineering Tools

I have experience with:

  • Verilog
  • Haskell
  • OpenCV
  • Java
  • Game Development IDEs (Gamemaker/Unity/Unreal)

You can follow some of my work on my Github or Twitter.

About Sam Ruggerio



CS 374 Course Development

CS 374 is UIUC's Undergraduate Algorithms course. To approach teaching at scale, we have been designing and implementing autograded assignments to teach and assess students about algorithms. UIUC has PrairieLearn, their own content assessment plaform, where I have developed, using JS/HTML/CSS, an autograded FSM builder and graph construction guided problem sets.



Feel free to email me about any opportunities, collaborations, or just to say hi!

Sam Ruggerio
Samuel Ruggerio
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